Got Braids? My Helpful 3 Tips

I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to braids. I love waking up and my hair is done, swimming under the water is so refreshing, my hair is GROWING even faster, and I feel even more proud to show off my #BlackGirlMagic!

The Hate: Okay, so below are a few of my struggles and how I have overcome them…

  • My scalp gets so dry and itchy, BUT luckily I have found Sulfer 8 and DOO GRO  to help with my struggle and it works wonders!!! I recommend this to anyone getting braids for the summer! I put it on every night and wrap my hair at night.
  • The upkeep can be EXTRA… especially when wrapping your hair at night. How do you wrap all 100 braids, comfortably?  With that being said… I would like to introduce to you my favorite Braid Hair Wrap EVER!  You’re Welcome!
  • After 2 weeks with the same braids, I get so bored. So I switch it up by adding beads, metallic string, and even hair rings. You can get inspired with pictures on Pinterest or create your own. I change my beads out religiously to switch up my look. Go to your local BLACK hair beauty supply store to get some unique hair accessories.

Shout out to Styles By V for blessing my hair!! If you are here locally in Arizona I would recommend her! She is so fast and she is a perfectionist. You can contact her through her website. She is so fast at responding so don’t worry, you will have your braids in no time.




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