Brand Consulting

Starting a business? Don’t know where to start? I can help! I have 6 -12 month packages designed to get your business up and running. I will act as your silent partner so you know you are not alone and will make sure you are on the right path to success.


Need high end campaign ads?  Creative visuals for social media and product images? I can do everything for you with a variety of packages that fit your brand best. All you would need to do is provide me with the product and I would take care of everything from the creative direction, glam team, models, photographers, and more. My main goal is to bring your vision to life.

Wardrobe Styling 

Are you a designer, shooting your collection? Or a model looking to update your portfolio? Well I can help you get some style! Sometimes it can be hard to do it all by yourself, and you need someone that you can trust to make it all come together…I got your back!

Runway-Show Production

Planning a fashion show for your event? Don’t know where to start? I have years of experience in runway production,  and can make the show as smooth as possible. Directing the show from start to finish so you can focus on other aspects of your very special event.

Social Media Management

Need to refresh your Instagram page and generate more followers? Well I am your girl! I can help you create branded hashtags and teach you new ways to generate revenue for your business.

Brand Manager / Agent

Need to be represented? Do you have so many emails coming your way that sometimes you miss opportunities? I can help you close sponsorship deals, and make revenue through your social media.


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