Woman’s Touch Apparel

Shop at: http://www.womanstouchapparel.com

In a world where women continue to fight for equal rights these designs deliver messages regarding individual importance and encouragement. With a line representative of women, the ultimate goal is to support the coming together of all women and to encourage support for one another, beyond religion, race, size or sexuality! -Designed by Jenesis Laforcarde

Mission Statement

Woman’s Touch Apparel is dedicated to the celebration of women everywhere. It is a t-shirt line that proclaims women’s empowerment, self-respect, beauty and self-worth, while encouraging women to support one another through fashion. Each statement is a confirmation of the importance we are as human beings and the force we all possess. We do make a difference and deserve to be heard and seen as the beautiful creatures we are. Remember, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, BEHOLD!

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